Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Pictures and Prints

Now that we are a few months into being open I thought I'd put together a little post about all the lovely artwork we've got in the shop right now.

The gallery space has been exhibiting photography by Mark, a selection of photos from his fairly extensive collection of Shetland images, lots of coastal scenes but some other stuff too. We're sticking with this exhibition in the gallery for just now but we'll be mixing it up with a a few other artists in the coming months, in the meantime Mark is changing the photos he's got on the walls so theres always something new to look at.

Downstairs in the shop area we have a small selection of orginal watercolours of Shetland by local artist Mary Shearer, only a couple left now....

We also have a selection of screenprinted artworks, some of them limited edition by various British artists:

Recently arrived are 2 lovely framed images by Lisa Jones, who also makes the cute googley eyed cards we've been stocking since we opened.

Lovely hand pulled screenprints by Bold an Noble, we are very pleased to get these prints in stock as they have been featuring in all the interiors and design magazines lately. We have some of these framed but a larger selection are available to browse through in the print bins in the upstairs gallery.

Lastly we have a variety of framed limited edition screen prints by Jane Foster, these have been very popular and we're happy to have a second order of them in stock now with new designs and colours.